The valley of Baztan, located in the north of Navarra, is the largest municipality in the community. The valley is inhabited by 8.000 people distributed among its 15 villages.
The best views in the area are seen from the viewpoint of Baztan, located in the district of Zuñiga. Furthermore, not less impressive is the view offered by Mount Gorramendi(1.080 m) , 10 km from Otsondo. At its foot we can gaze at several villages as well as a beautiful landscape where green hills and extensive meadows share space with oaks and chestnut trees shaping slopes in which scattered farms and cottages teach us that man has lived in harmony with nature for centuries The profile drawn by the peaks of around a thousand meters which surround the valley frame these delicious views and invite us to step into our mountain boots and enjoy long walks.

  Walks, mountain, museums, folk, Basque language, nature. Many are the treasures you will find in our area.
   In the Otsondo houses, we will give you information about the wide variety of the gastronomic choice in the area and will help you organize your trip.. To whet your appetite, we recommend visiting the tourism web of the area www.consorciobertiz.org and we are offering you this list of possibilities which will be completed at your arrival.

“Many are the treasures you will find in our area”




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